😶 Es geht weiter mit den 3 Aubusson bleu Türen 😶

Heute konnte ich endlich weitermachen...uff.
Ich muss noch vorsichtig sein, aber ich kann nicht mehr warten ;)

Ich habe an der doppelflügligen Tür gearbeitet und zur "Einstimmung" an einer kleinen Kommode gewerkelt.

Das sehr, sehr heiße Wochenende geht langsam zuende und so wünsche ich uns allen einen fröhlichen Start in die neue Woche ! 💙




  1. Hi Pipi! Your dresser looks wonderful so far!
    Here too we had hot weather during the weekend, that's no fun for me, but a la...;)!
    I wish you a nice evening and new week, dear friend!
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona <3

    1. 💙 Dear Ilona, Dankeschön !!! 💙
      Hot, yes very hot. Not really my favorite weather too but I enjoy the light :)
      Have a happy time with a happy heart 💙
      Hugsssssss Pipi

  2. The color of the doors combined with the ironwork, looks Stunning and the patina on the chest of drawers is Really Beautiful. You have managed to give as sense of depth to both the light and the dark colors.

    We FINALLY have had some hot weather after a very long cold and wet spring. I think the plants are in a state of shock since the heat has come about so suddenly! Even so, I'm not complaining! :)


    1. 💙 Another uplifting comment from you dear Elizabeth 💙 Thank YOU !!!

      Hihi, yes, really a shock for the planties and for us too ;) Hard to find sleep at night....uff. But the LIGHT is so gorgeous !

      Mini hugs from Pipi

  3. Hi Pipi. Both the chest and the door look amazing. A big vase of cabbage roses on top of the chest would look perfect! I am sure you will have something great in mind though!

    1. 💙 Thank you Shannon ! 💙
      Oh yes a bunch of roses would be so nice on that chest. Have to make some, need more time...Ivy would be fine as well.


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