Meine erste Rose

Mit Hilfe eines Precut habe ich meine erste Rose scale 1:12 gemacht.
Ich bin froh, dass ich eine Lupenlampe habe ;)


  1. Sieht sehr gut und echt aus. Complimente!
    Grüsse Aurora

  2. Dearest Pipi.
    Sorry for my German language: I forgot everything, almost, since 1968, when I went to the village of Streithausen in the Valley of Wuppertal, to learn to speak "live" during the exchange of Educational Development, German in my family.
    Congratulations to Rose, she is lovely and so fresh.
    Thank you for all your comments,
    about building my own Doll's House.
    Have a fine afternoon.

    1. Oh dear Kathy,

      so you were no far away from where I live :) (ca. 80 km away)

      Thank you for your nice comments and for the inspiration.

      Have a wonderful day with a happy heart ♥

      Mini hugs from Pipi


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